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GAPS a company you can trust.


Our staff has been working within the Insurance Industry for over 30 years. With years of dedication, experience, and hard work we provide invaluable back-office support that will help you fine tune your business, and round out your portfolio.     

We believe that an open line of communication is necessary for any relationship. It is our top priority to serve the needs of our Partners.

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Why Become a Partner?

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Becoming a Partner is as easy as one, two, three. Simply fill out the following forms and send them in!

  1. Brokerage Agreement Contract 2015

  2. Producer Profile

  3. W-9 Form

Become A Partner

A Bridge TO All Your Insurance Needs


GAPS  Insurance Services


What To Expect  

When you become a GAPS Insurance Partner, you will become a member of a diverse team that has access to a select group of diverse markets.

At GAPS, we go the extra mile to help our Partners achieve their goals. We understand the importance of customer service and claims assistance, we provide each Partner with an unparalleled level of support. 

Each new Partner will receive:

  • An Individual Service Representative. Each partner will have access to their own GAPS counterpart who can offer expert knowledge for all of our product lines.

  • Advanced Consulting. Our experts offer their advice on complex cases that deal with almost every type of insurance.

  • Business Solutions. GAPS offers insurance strategies for Partners which protects the Insured, offers them continuity, and most importantly are affordable.

A Wholesaler Dedicated to helping your company find its way

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