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If you are in the insurance business, there are specific needs related to the type of insurance coverage's that you may require. Having access to a diverse group of select markets, we offer effective and comprehensive representation for you and your Client.

We take pride in helping businesses, both large and small, service their clients needs by finding them the best available coverage at the most affordable price.

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Startup Tips For Insurance Brokers

By GAPS Insurance Services, LLC


So you have taken the big step, and have created your own insurance brokerage firm. Let us be the first to welcome you into the industry. Selling insurance can be a fun, lucrative, and a fulfilling way to earn a living. Here we will provide you with a few tips, which we hope will uncomplicated many of the intricacies of the insurance industry.

When you start untangling the industry, you’ll find that insurance “producers” come in a variety of forms, including independent agents, brokers, captive agents, and wholesale brokers. Independent agents represent a number of insurance carriers and can sell a variety of products. Brokerages are very similar to independent agents, but they represent the consumer’s interests, whereas agents represent the interest of the carriers they work for. Captive agents, as the name suggests, sell products for a single insurance carrier. Finally, “wholesale brokers” place business brought to them by “retail agents” with carriers, often specializing in unique or difficult placements.

Some characteristic of agencies and brokerages are:

Income Model

Agents and brokers generally make money through commissions paid for new business and renewals. The amount earned in commissions will depend on the volume and variety of insurance products that are sold.

Product Diversity

Agencies and brokerages offer access to many insurance products. Startups should consider trade-offs between overall volume and product specialization.

Carrier Appointments

Carriers appoint agencies and brokerages. This process can be challenging, particularly for startups. Startups trying to accelerate the appointment process can start in smaller insurance markets or seek an appointment as a sub-producer. Agents and Brokers can also reach out to Insurance Wholesalers like GAPS Insurance Services, LLC who can help the agent and broker acquire quotes for their client. Insurance Wholesalers have access to insurance carriers that independent agents and brokers do not. They can also be utilized if your business is interested in niche markets.

State Regulations

Each state in the United States has its own independent licensing requirements. Most require some coursework, study hours, an exam, and an application when seeking an insurance license. Typically states separate licenses for insurance into property, casualty, life, and health insurance. Once licensed, there is a streamlined non-resident licensing process, allowing startup agencies to scale more quickly.


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