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If you are in the insurance business, there are specific needs related to the type of insurance coverage's that you may require. Having access to a diverse group of select markets, we offer effective and comprehensive representation for you and your Client.

We take pride in helping businesses, both large and small, service their clients needs by finding them the best available coverage at the most affordable price.

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The Wholesale Insurance Process


GAPS Insurance Services, LLC


Every day it gets harder and harder to tell the difference between a retail insurance agents/brokers and a wholesale insurance agencies. In today’s insurance industry we’re seeing retail agencies with direct wholesale products and wholesale agencies offering quotes directly to business owners and prospects. So what’s the difference?

A wholesale insurance brokerage (“wholesaler”) is an insurance brokerage that offers access to specialized insurance products for retail insurance agents and brokers ("retail agents").  An insurance wholesaler will utilize specialty markets who can consider accounts that the retail agent cannot place competitively within their standard markets.

The process of placing business with an insurance wholesaler is very similar to the process a retail agent or broker would use to place business with their standard markets. Traditionally the process for an insurance wholesaler is:  

  • Client information is submitted to the wholesaler from the retail broker.

  • The wholesale broker will utilize its expertise to review the submitted client information, analyze the risk, and identify potential insurance markets.

  • A proposal will be made in writing to each market for underwriting consideration from the insurance wholesaler.

  • Each underwriter will respond with a quote proposal, request for additional information, or a declination. Typically numerous quote proposals will be offered for a single client.

  • The wholesaler will present the quote proposals to the retail agent or broker. The retail agent or broker will then present the information to the client.

  • The retail agent or broker will review the quote proposal with their client. If changes to the policy are needed, the retail agent or broker will make the request the wholesaler who will then make the request to the insurance carrier.

  • When an order is provided, many wholesalers have very specific expectations for paperwork, surplus lines compliance and payment which will be communicated to the retail agent or broker.

The timing for this process will be dependent on the type of account, the underwriter, and the quality of information provided to the wholesaler. Working with a wholesaler should be an easy process, but sometimes the difficulties do arise. The underwriter may require additional information in order to better understand the exposures presented, but the benefits of specialized coverage and service for non-standard accounts outweigh any additional complications which may arise.

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